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Following the video we put out about the EDL in Bradford we wanted to put out some more footage of one of the most interesting aspects of the EDL, their one Muslim supporter (or mascot), Abdul. On the day he was surrounded by video cameras before the demonstration and the media were very encouraged to interview him whilst we were  inside the EDL’s cordon.

This footage is a collection of Abdul’s comments before the demonstration started, we have decided no to edit it too extensively, in order to try and give you a better idea of Abdul on the day, the fact that it includes some repetition, perhaps, shows the limitations of Abdul’s arguments. It is about 12 minutes long but certainly worth the patience.

Included is footage of Abdul talking with known fascists who had turned up for the EDL demonstration however Abdul’s definition of racism (anyone who shakes his hand cannot be racist) prevents him from acknowledging racists, even if they have a swastika tattooed on their chest.

The reaction of other Muslims to Abdul’s presence was far from welcoming (as you would imagine) as local people point out to him- “their using you!” but Abdul’s quest carries on and the EDL continue to point to him as proof that they are not racist.


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As I arrived on Saturday morning, Bradford was holding its breath in anticipation of the invasion of thousands of proud defenders of the nation, for ‘The Big One’. Despite claims on the day that they are now over 27, 000 strong, they hardly managed to muster 1000 supporters to ‘take back’ Bradford. Perhaps many of the local supporters that they expected were sulking after Bradford’s home defeat to Southend on Friday night. Or maybe there just weren’t very many of them.

While speaking to some of the EDL as the coaches arrived, it became evident that despite their chants of  ‘Who the fuck is Allah?/Allah is a paedo’ they want you all to know that they’re not racist, how can they be? They have a Sikh leader and a Muslim follower called Abdul, who is definitely sure that he’s never seen any racism on demo’s and can’t call anyone who shakes his hand racist.

As you would imagine for ‘The Big One’ however, the EDL upgraded their equipment, substituting their coins and bottles of bodily fluid for real stones and a smoke grenade which they used to absolutely pummel the road in between them and those who turned up to oppose them.

After successfully managing to drunkenly sing songs and hear some inspirational talks from their leaders over the course of the afternoon some of these guys decided that ‘The Big One’ just wasn’t big enough and climbed over the wall to have a wander around. This prompted a spectacular spontaneous reaction as hundreds of people who were there to oppose them set off to catch up with the toe-rags and see them off. Which they did.

There’s no doubt that the EDL must be very disappointed with their day, their Big One didn’t get anywhere near as big as they wanted and they were very limited in the bigness of the trouble they could cause. Despite the official UAF and Hope Not Hate events being far away and out of sight, hundreds of local people and anti-fascists did make it to the streets to oppose the EDL and stopped them from doing any damage when some of them did manage to break out.

It remains to be seen where the EDL will go from here.

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